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Welcome to! This web site is devoted to the Chrysler Valiant VH Pacer, and hosts the VH Pacer register. You will also find general valiant information, helpful links, great part suppliers and more! and everything herein are joint ideas, funding and labour of Keegan Rowe and Todd Grover. If you find this website interesting and/or helpful in anyway, we would love to hear your feedback.

At we are always keeping an eye out for VH Pacers to try and track them down. If you own or have owned a VH Pacer we would love to hear about it! Any details you could provide about the car would be appreciated, and it would help us get more of a feel for how many of these cars are still around. If you know anyone that owns a VH Pacer and the car is not currently on the site, we would greatly appreciate it if you could pass on our details to the owner.

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11 August 2017 How to restore a VH Pacer?

Since 1971/72 a lot of Pacers have changed hands and its often hard to tell what exactly is the original/correct setup for a VH Pacer if someone wants to bring theirs to how it left the factory. Depending on which the day it left the factory is another topic, but my goal is to create a list/page of helpful information & tips that will help fellow enthusiasts restore the beloved VH Pacer.

Such examples would be what colour the engine block should be painted, depending on the month or year in which the car was produced. What colours were the steel wheels painted in and what are the best equivalents available today? Was the side mirror painted black, or was it chrome? Were the engine scoops that were dealer fitted all located in the same spot? I'm working on this now with some of my own knowledge as well as relying on those that know a lot more than me.

If you have any helpful tips, please send them through!


23 June 2017 Howard Tiddy's Blonde Olive VH Pacer (#881)

Howard Tiddy's Blonde Olive VH Pacer (#881) was added to the register. Thanks for registering it Howard!

11 June 2017 How to Identify a VH Pacer?

The "How to tell a VH Pacer from any other VH" page has been updated with a few bits of extra information, corrections and photos to help people determine if they're looking at a Pacer or a striped Sedan.

1 February 2017 Site under new management... again

Hi pacer enthusiasts,

Keegan here, the bloke to first made this website back around 2002. Until 2009 the site was regularly maintained by myself but at that point I went overseas for a holiday and ended up staying. After a couple of years maintaining it remotely I basically stopped, and nothing happened for at least a year. Since then the site maintenance "baton" has been passed along to several Pacer enthusiasts like yourself who had the will and the energy to maintain it. Come 2017 (or maybe 2016..) the site wasn't really getting the regular maintenance it deserved.

As of early 2017 I'm back on it again myself and making regular updates around once every 3-4 weeks. If you send through a question or an update to your Pacer, it will be answered but might just take a bit of time.

I'll also keep this news section up to date so the latest updates that are made are visible to all visitors.


P.S: I have to admit, that I know little about the VF and VG Pacer models. If you were had approx. 1-2 hours spare per week and were interested in maintaining the VF/VG site, please let me know.