Body No: 449
Build Date: 1 Feb, 1970
Original colours: Hot Mustard/Black
Current colours: Hot Mustard/Black
Original Drivetrain: 245/ 3 Speed
Current Drivetrain: 245/ 3 Speed
Options: nil
Authenticated: No
Owner details: Scott Fellows, Burine Tasmania
Email: baturbo4 dot 0 at gmail dot com
Listed: 21 Jan, 2015

Pacer was originally sold by Harden & Johnson Ltd in Sydney, I don't have any other history on the car. It was purchased on the 3/5/14 and had been sitting in a paddock for nearly 10 years. It took me a week to get it roadworthy and re-licenced and is now my Daily Drive, but soon to be fully restored. As from the pics, I have been having some fun with it!

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