Welcome to ValiantPacers.com - the VF and VG Pacer side of things! This part of the web site is devoted to the Chrysler Valiant VF and VG Pacers, and hosts the VF and VG Pacer registers.

We are trying to form this register from scratch, and so if you own or have owned a VF or VG Pacer, we would love to hear about it! Any details you could provide about the car would be appreciated, and it would help us get more of a feel for how many of these cars are still around. If you know anyone that owns a Pacer and the car is not currently on the site, we would greatly appreciate it if you could pass on our details to the owner.

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26 December 2017 Site updates
Added today: 
VF Pacer Sedan #2182 
VG Pacer Sedan #3282
VG Pacer Hardtop Manual #596

31 May 2006 Pacer photos

While there are no photos in our gallery yet there are some very nice photos at the following link