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Peter Anderson
VF Pacer Owner 28 October 2007

Hi folks, just stumbled on this site, I am currently reading a book on the great Charger so my interest in the Pacer's has been rekindled. I previously owned as a young lad an original dark blue VF Pacer. I have slide pictures which I will find and transfer so that I can post them on this site. Congrats on a great site, I am so pleased to see such a site devoted to a much understated car.

new vg owner 21 September 2007

hi been wanting a pacer 4 door ever since i can remember just bought one, bit of a basket case but another one saved :-) will register on this site soon, good to see it already on the build list

pacers 25 August 2007

hi just found your site and its really good.
we do have a pacer ourselves l will let u know the numbers etc when l go to pick it up but the car itself is well and truly rusted and motor seized still has all the original parts on it though.
will let u know more

tombstones 19 August 2007

hi can anyone tell me if vh pacer tombstone seat is same as vg pacer...

vf pacer 30 July 2007

great site i have just come it possetion fo an original 1 owner vf pacer it was ordered without the decals. if any one has any info on the vf decal pack to suit it would be great to be able to have them reproduced

Matthew Gepner
Searching for my old Pacer 8 July 2007

My old pacer. Drove it back from Melbourne in 2001 and sold it when I was living in Kogarah approximatley March 2002 to a guy by the name of Daniel Cock. If you still have it Daniel drop me a line.

Pics can be seen in the photo area.

Leo Geoghegan
The Old Mule 7 July 2007

Great to see the old mule, not sure if its my old one.If you contact John Ellis he will give you the right numbers for the ute. Email me for the numbers Regards Leo Geoghegan

VG Pacer 22 June 2007

Ok here goes my late father had a VG 4 door Pacer when I was growing up it was in need of restoration and was offered to me as my first car but I purchaced a LJ GTRXU1 insted ( I know ) long story short dad sold it to a friend of his for a grand and I have never seen it since. The guy that got it was named ASHLEY and he lived in SA if any one knows of this guy and the Pacer in question I would love to get some info.

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