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Owen Haskett
VG Pacer Hardtop 10 August 2009

Have a VG Pacer and currently restoring it. My father bought it from the factory in South Australia.

Kay & Allan Eiseman
Valiants 12 April 2009

Hi there don't have a pacer YET but looking we have 2 VJ Chargers, 1 VJ Station wagon & 1 valiant safari and 2 only Hillman Hunters

All are under Resto.

vg hardtop 12 March 2009

I have a vg hardtop pacer
owned it for 12 years daily driver for first 6, then parked up. started resto 2 years ago.
will get the details up soon

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test etc test 19 November 2008

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charlie baneth
VH 2BBL R/T 11 September 2008

Hey there great site! i have been watching it grow for a few years! some fantastic car in barn storys!
any chance you are goin to do anything for r/t chargers like this?

vf hardtop coupe 24 March 2008

well not a bad site for info . good job . i just brought a 1970 vf 2 door . 318 with auto . drove it back to perth from melb with a 6 hour rest all up 47 hour trip . went well till i got home in the drive and done a oil pump . what i have is vin no vf8-h-23 build 1131. i was thinking the v8 was not meant to be in the car as the vin code says it should be a six but i have seen other 770 with the same vin id with v8s so whats the go. did chrysler put v8s in them with that vin id. its got the 770 dash,air con,center console,floor shift auto,770 badges on guards and boot,

Rhonda Williams
VG Four door 707 11 March 2008

Hi Guys, Great job with the site, Just to let you know heaps of people must be looking, I have had many e mails from people wanting to buy my pacer, saying they saw it on this site, and offering way good money too!, but not enough to part with him. He is currently on display at the Maffra car museum and has pride of place between the ford coupe and the monaro, put them all together, no contest

Mopar Madness! 5 March 2008

Hey guys, I have seen the site in the past but I haven't visited it in a while and there seems to be a lot more pacers on here than last time. If I remember correctly there was only a VH pacer section before. Awesome to see photos of survivors and even the sad photos of mangled, rusty metal out bush somewhere. Currently I don't own a pacer but I do however own a VF Valiant Sedan which is a restoration project at the moment. I'll be keeping an eye out to own a pacer myself in the future. Great work guys! James.

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