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robert rowe
VF Pacer 27 December 2012

I had a VF Pacer - Yellow with a black stripe set - from new (SA) but sadly had to sell a long long time ago.

One thing I do remember very well was the clutch pedal return spring which had not ben re-fitted the right way around (after a heavy accident in Melbourne - some one else was driving) - after that the pedal had to be "helped out" if you wanted to "burn off"
Great car, something Chrysler should have built on but lost focus on the barge designs that followed.

platon Papadopoulos
VG Pacer 2 door 27 August 2012

love the webpage, lots of info on the Pacer, i used to have a VG pacer 3speed Manual back in my younger days, sad that i don't have it anymore, but as you Know once you hit the 4o's one tends to want to turn the clock back, i have a 63 T-Bird and have been looking for a few months now for a 2 Door Pacer, must be in Mustard orange as was my old one and one day will find one at the right price. anyway just thought i would let you know what a fabulos webpage you have and what a great car the pacer is.

Graeme Gaerth
Pacer exhaust outlet 9 July 2012

Would any of you lucky VG Pacer owners like to have an original rectangular exhaust outlet? I have one. If you are wondering what I am talking about you don't know your Valiants.

Jan Ghilarducci
my vf pacer 13 February 2011

I am currently doing up a VF pacer onced owned from original by my brother-in-law only thing I am having trouble getting is the tacometer. Great pictures of the other cars.

Stephen Carran
Pacer Engine and VF Sedan 4 Sale in NZ. 29 October 2010

I have a VF sedan in Very Good condition with it's original BW35 Trans and Engine (HP 160HP) and a spare Genuine Slant 6 Pacer Engine fitted to a transmission fully rebuilt about 500 miles ago to Borg Warner 35 Specs of the Ford Falcons of the 80's. It is up for sale to interested parties in Oz. I was going to build a Pacer replica using an original engine but now am unable. I can arrange international shipping at your expense. My contact is 0064 7 5424005 or

Mike Fry
Pacers! 2 August 2010

Hey, all!!

Awesome site! I have three VG Pacer sedans, 1538, 1955 and 3291, and always on the lookout for more. Can't wait to see it updated, as it was a while ago that I sent in the information. Have any more surfaced?

Matthew Gepner
VG Pacer from Fiji 6 January 2010

Hi Pacer enthusiasts,
Last year I brought back VG Pacer body Number 3385 to Australia! After 18 months the body is almost finished - total nut and bolt resto. Another year in Fiji and I think it would have been burried under a coconut tree.
What I would like clarity on is the fact my VG is an April build and I have never seen one after this. The two listed after mine don't add up. ie. build date in Jan and body number wayyyyyy to late to be concurrent. Is body 3385 the last of the VG Pacer build?

colin hendy
vf pacer 3 January 2010

in process of putting my vf pacer back together , left to do , trim , chrome , looks great sounds great , will up load flick soon ,,,body 3077....

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