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Bill Cobden
Gear boxes 29 November 2015

Hell , I have a E31 Track pack , and a vf pacer , I vas wanting to identify the gear boxes , for witch one goes in to witch car , one has a part no A342886 that other has a part no of A2424766 , I have had trouble identifying these boxes , if anybody has knolage of these numbers your help would be appricate , with thanks , cheers Bill my ph no is 0412256265

VF pacer 25 September 2015

I am looking for a VF pacer , prefer daily driver but a project is ok.

Bob Middleton
1971 VG Pacer Hardtop Manual 25 September 2015

Found this great site recently. I bought a new white 1971 VG Pacer Hardtop 3Sp Manual with Black Interior, Gray Headlining and Red Carpet from Bob Walkers Liverpool Chrysler in 1971. The carpet was changed from red to brown at my request and rear seat belts also fitted prior to delivery. I had Waggotts do the head with neoprene valve seals after a time as oil finished up on the top of the pistons and created a cloud of smoke on startup, I sold it to a David Gallagher about 4 years later and have lost track of from there. Anybody know if it survived and where it might be ? Cheers !!

mark negri
E34 track pack wanted 4 May 2015

Hi Guys, looking for a matching numbers E34 track pack car. Pref unrestored good driver but will look any anything. must have the right running gear but. Old bloke love affair from a kid thing. will take the best of care. Realise there isnt many (just like my phase one) but still have to ask the question as I really love the car. cheers MARK

Kemal Coutinho
245 Pacer engine wanted 20 September 2014

Hi all, I recently bought a vg pacer hardtop, without a numbers matching pacer engine. It has the original auto.
If anyone has one of knows where I can get one, I would appreciate it if you can contact me at
Ps really cool site

Shortened Valiant Ute 18 March 2014

I am trying to get in touch with Steve Nappy, regarding the shortened Ute he had/has.

brian hogan
My VG regal coupe 22 June 2013

I am just trying to find out how many vg coupes were made in total. There was the pacer regal and the 770 but no one can tell me the numbers made .
I have a the face book site Valiant VF VG coupes fan club.

James Scammell
Original 1970 Valiant VG Hemi Pacer poster 23 April 2013

I have just listed on eBay a monster original brochure for the VG Hemi Pacer. Hope you like it because I didn't really want to sell it. I guessed though that one of you VG people need it more than I do.

Item number:190829278676


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