Build Date: 7 Jun, 1971
Original colours: Tan / Hot Mustard
Current colours: Tan / Orange
Original Drivetrain: 265 / 3 spd
Current Drivetrain: Non-matching 265 / 3 spd
Options: A65 A95 B51
Authenticated: No
Owner details: L Maguire, Birkdale, QLD
Listed: 1 Apr, 2003

This Pacer was originally fitted with a motor built by Harden & Johnston Ltd. 117-131 Flinders Street, Sydney and the number on the ID plate fitted to the car is VH7-S-H&J-S001. It is currently fitted with a later motor. I don't know what happened to the original motor. I bought it of a person who was the 2nd owner and had owned it since 1972.