Build Date: 5 Aug, 1971
Original colours: Black / Hemi Orange
Current colours: Original
Original Drivetrain: 265 / 3 spd
Current Drivetrain: Non-matching 265 / 3 spd
Options: A65 A95 B51
Authenticated: Yes
Owner details: Jason & Irvina Gutschlag, Gore, Southland, NZ
Listed: 8 Jan, 2003

Has incorrect engine but otherwise original. Body was restored around 2000 and the interior redone to in 2002.

Vehicle has resided in NT since Jan 2005. Was originally owned by Joe Borg in SA but was sold to a guy in QLD in Feb 2004. Since changing hands and moving to NT, another D343 engine has been found and the W35 wheels have been changed to the standard Styled Road Wheels. The D343 block will be fitted later in 2006 with an original exhaust manifold.

Unusual feature of this car is that it has two bonnet scoops. The scoops are date stamped and have the same date, the previous owner (before Joe Borg) swears they are factory fitted.

Unfortunately the owner from QLD decided that two scoops didn't look right , so he sold one of them. Mike tracked it down and despite explaining that it really belonged with this car the new owner of the scoop refused to sell, even after being offered another as a replacement. He wanted to keep it because of the date code written on it and was planning to use it on a fake 6 pack car being manufactured!