Build Date: 28 Sep, 1971
Original colours: Black / Mercury silver
Current colours: Black / Hemi Orange
Original Drivetrain: 265 / 3 spd
Current Drivetrain: Non-original 265 / 3 spd
Options: X92
Authenticated: Yes
Owner details: Marcus Bartle, Rotorua, New Zealand
Listed: 30 Mar, 2010

Car is currently in etch primer and is being prepared to be done to the original Mercury Silver.

Currently has non-matching D343B01630 with factory 3 speed 8886 box and 3:51 LSD.

Currently undergoing a restoration. If you have a pacer motor (D343B) or have tombstone seats please contact the owner.

Has no interior or driveline. Undergoing restoration. If you have the original motor (D343B01634) and/or can help with parts please contact the owner.