Build Date: 25 Aug, 1971
Original colours: Black / Hot Mustard with Vinyl Roof
Current colours: Original
Original Drivetrain: 265 / 3 spd
Current Drivetrain: Non-original 265 / 3 spd
Options: V10, A95
Authenticated: Yes
Owner details: Jeremy Sullivan Parkes NSW
Listed: 7 Dec, 2006

A very unusual car that came with a factory fitted black vinyl roof (option V10 trim code VX) and as far as I can tell it was stripe delete as I can find no evidence of striping anywhere. This car was recently recovered from rural SA, the previous owner was unaware of its significance untill it was pointed out to him. The body shell is in relatively good condition, however most of the trim is missing.

Updated Jan 2015, Currently residing in Parkes

The car has been put in storage in the NT and at this stage I have no immediate plans for its restoration, but it will not deterioate any further now its been rescued.