Pacer Badge Stencil Kits

Background information on these stencil sets...

In early 2004 after repainting my VH Pacer I was presented with a problem of these door badges. My badges had definently seen better days , and after ringing around I discovered that there was no way for me to restore these badges back to original. No one in Australia could help me restore these badges, and so I went about creating an easy and inexpensive way for me (and everyone else) to fix up the badges on the pacer.

And so, I set about on creating a high resolution vector image that was an exact duplicate of the original style and wording for these cars. After a while of trying to get the stencil perfect I went to a sign shop and got some printed. When I applied the stencil with paint I realised it was slightly different from original and so after some more alterations to the stencil image I was satisfied. I got the stencils printed again and applied them to my badges. They looked great, very authentic and really made the interior of the look like new again, as the rest of the car was starting to really look great.

Since no person or company that I knew of could supply the necessary means to restore these badges, and that the solution I had just laboured on enabled my badges to be perfect, I though that I may as well get a few printed off and let other people with Valiant Pacers, who are in the same situation as I was, have the means to restore their badges back to original. And that is what I did - I present you with all that you need to restore your own Valiant Pacer badges back to original, as to how they were back when the car came off the production line! Enjoy, and good luck.

From this:

To This:

The kit includes:
  • 2 spray mask stickers
  • detailed instructions

And is priced at cost (with detailed instructions) at $15.00 AUD.

For more detailed information (and pictures of the restoration process) click here.

To purchase a kit or if you require more information please do not hesitate to contact me direct on the email or call Keegan on 0407 580 304.