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Pacers 20 September 2004

Great site. I own a VG Coupe and discovered from this site that it had a VH Pacer engine out of body number 250. So If the person who own body number 250 is looking for their original engine, I have your engine!

gus and maria
valiant lovers 17 September 2004

we have just finished restoring a cosmic blue VF pacer and also own a VJ 770 charger. cool website but where are all the VF pacers?

jason crack
vh charger 14 September 2004

exelent page from a chrysler fan and owner good stuff.

nathan Abernethy
Pacer-Regal 29 June 2004

I currently own 71 pacer 72 regal 770 and 73 regal 770 v8.All are one owner cars that I have restord.Now looking for RTcharger. Good website. cheers

my vh xl charger built 6/72 26 June 2004

slowly working on away on 11yrs just needs paint and pal.
factory 245 / 3 speed on the floor / stock rock ...
your site is very good kept up the good work...

my Vh Xl Charger 26 June 2004

hey how you doing im 16 and my brother got me this charger that i have had for 6 months its a lot of work doing this old girl up i just wanted to say thanks for puting the idear of getting me this charger in to my brothers head, he just as a Vk but he loves it

vh charger 440 23 June 2004

im doing a vh charger out with the 265 in with the 440b/block.will send pics if your keen to look.enexchange for some ideas that may help me with my frist ever project,

Hot mustard 770 20 June 2004

Hey, I showed my car in the all chrysler day, you may remember it it was the one with the subs pounding.Right now we have 5 valiants but have had way more in the past.We will definatly be back next show with teh car looking even better.
Heres a link to my page, feel free to steal pics if you want. www.sounddomain.cid/om/ch4rger

PS: great page guys i saw my car in teh panning pic of teh all chrysler day show!

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