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john boyle
  24 July 2005

hi!just got back from the drags, the pacer went12.0@112.00mph! the 340 is going well! regards, john boyle

Updated 12 July 2005

Hi there, sorry for the mix up, I have updated our links page with the name change. Thanks for the compliments.
cheers, Keegan

AustCharger's owners are Glen and Carolyn not Greg 30 June 2005

You have a great site - well worth the visit.

andy mckenzie
thanks 18 June 2005

hi loved your site please contact me with pacers or chargers that want a new home,i still regret selling my mopar 19 years ago,

centura 4 cylinder 6 June 2005

I own a centura 2lt. i know they have a different frame to the 6 cylinders, but i was wondering if anyone knew if you could drop the 245, 265 in it. Is there some sort of extra mounts needed. Or if its too much mucking around and i should by one with a six. If you have any advice please write to my email, it would be appreciated!

Kire Sterjovski
VF Pacer 30 May 2005

G'Day all,
I am in the hunt for an original VF Pacer 4 door, 3 speed to restore. If anyone has, or know, one that is for sale could you please contact me on my email? It would be greatly appreciated. Preferably one that is currently running.

Ross Peterson
VH PACER 6 May 2005

Have just bought my 1st pacer, after driving, I realize I should have done this years ago!!!!

VH pacer &CJ limo 10 April 2005

does anyone have or know of parts for the restoration of these two cars,any info would be welcome

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