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vh pacer 8 January 2006

i have a vh pacer no 1039 has a 4 speed and 265 in it.factory 3 speed vh.not many in nz,thinkin of selling make me an offer needs panel and paint.....

The Muffin Man inc.
VH PACER 28 October 2005

I own a VH Pacer, hemi orange coloured, previously owned by sid going the footy legend. Non molested, makes me sick to hear of gits putting v8s in and deliberately molesting genuine beauty, get a jappa or a chev if you wanna molest.

Please, no i do not wish to sell my pacer either, keen to hear from fellow minded individuals who own one of these rare beasts!

  16 October 2005


scott chamberlain
new ownership of listed pacer 4 October 2005

pacer number 800 listed on page 5 is now in new ownership by ME ! please contact me on (08) 9582 7044 if you require any information on this rare auto ! awesome site and love the mighty mighty vh pacers !

  22 September 2005

Great site, Uncle owns a Pacer. Currently restoring it to E49 Specs, with a 4 speed box. Great car. Want one myself.

Ben Donaldson
VH Pacer 10 September 2005

Looking for a VH pacer for sale in NZ. Anything will be considered and i will drive/fly to find the right vehicle. Does anyone know of any out there? There must be one tucked away somewhere!

bruce brown
hemi pacers 29 August 2005

i have owned 4 vh pacers,all 3 speeds ,3 hemi orange and one vitamin c. now own rt charger but love vh models

Tim Miller
pacers 17 August 2005

just visited your site after just buying no.930, resto will start.

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