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This site is awesome 10 May 2006

This site is awesome. Your site is really nice! I really enjoy your site! Just cool site! No any words else to say...

John Sanchez
ORANGE..ORANGE and more ORANGE 15 April 2006

I still remember as a teenager my parents buying me an ORANGE racing bike and every kid in the neighbourhood laughed. We always drove around in dad's Valiants and all the kids laughed.
Now days I drive around in an ORANGE Valiant Pacer and blow the door of all who laughed and I myself now laugh..laugh..laugh.
Cheers John.

VALIANT VIP 13 April 2006


magenta pacer 13 February 2006

Just wondering is the MAGENTA PACER still around?.Was it originally sold in S.A. It would be great to see some PICS if it still cruzing.......

vh pacer 12 February 2006

great site , always checking to see what new findings that are being listed on this the way I own BUILD No.1323 still own it and don't want to sell it.It was originally sold in mid-north S.A. , but now is in Adelaide S.A.Will try to forward you some pics in the near future. thanks!

Your website 20 January 2006

Awsome site !! I enjoy spending time on your site amongst all the Valiants and Valiant lovers. I am a big fan nyself. I am starting with my South African 1974 Valiant VIP. Hopefully I can send you some pics to put on your site. Keep up the good work. Cheers from sunny Cape Town, S.A.!

your site 19 January 2006

Great site mate, very "prof" looking...and nice to see uits being kept up to date...unlike some!! Bwahahahaha!!

Sime Marinovic
My Baby VH 15 January 2006

i just recieved a vh ranger from my brother as he had it sitting on his farm and now its all mine!! only being 15 i have big plans for this car of which include a 265 with tripple webbers. i love my valiant and i cant wait to show it of to all the wanna-be ford drivers...LONG LIVE VALIANT!!

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