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ross jenkins
vh pacer 25 April 2007

i am looking for my old car.its rego was eg8066 and had silver paint. reg nov 71. sold in waikato 13 years ago can anyone help

great site 26 January 2007

This site is awesome, great pics and easy to navigate. Not to mention that the VH Valiant/pacer is a mean looking car (and thats coming from a ford fan)

Top site! 2 December 2006

Excellent site! Im glad i stumbled upon it. Very informative.

Help 26 October 2006

Great site, have had a lot of help from Keegan, long live the pacer

Brett Williams
My charger 12 June 2006

love the vh pacer. I have the only australian valiant charger in south africa that im aware of. your val looks amazing-well done. nice rims!

vh 8 June 2006

clearly the best pacer that ever came out was the 1970-1971 vg pacer, the vh was best for the charger.
the vh charger was clearly better than the vh pacer.

Administrator note: To all VH Pacer owners, please feel free to contact this person here with your comments.

Terry Johnson
VH Pacer 19 May 2006

My best friends father purchased a new VH Pacer in Tas. which was Beige/Tan colour, fairly drab combination compared with Orange etc.It looked like a Ranger with decals, but went pretty hard for a big car. I will try to get a photo and ID.

Vals rule! 13 May 2006

Valiants will never die. Long live the Valiants!

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