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Tuff!! 17 May 2003

No question, the arse end of a VH pacer is the toughest thing Mopar ever did, way coooool!! Keep on Pacerin' (or in my case Chargin')

willie t
i am gettin me a vh pacer 4 May 2003

i use to have a vh pacer and i loved it i am now lookin for another this time i will keep it forever this site is cool there are a lot of vh,vg,pacers over here in new zealand my 1st ride in a pacer was when i was ten it was a 4 speed factory and it could go to .c ya bro

Your site 30 April 2003

Not bad keegs. Haven't seen the guy with the pacer for sale yet so i can send ya the details. Keep it goin' & ni catch ya.

Matthew Sloan
pacers 17 April 2003

If any one knows of any vg or vh paces for sale or restor or traded i have a vf hard top with 74000 miles with log books body and panit very good no rust very original value of $7000.00 if any one wants to do deals for it for a vg or vh pacer plese let me know any condition can supply photos cheers

pacer 4 April 2003

i have a pacer vg 7s41 3222 is it anything special because it dosnt have any options except t14

VH Pacer site 22 March 2003

What a pleasure to find a site related to another VH other than a Charger. As a lover of anything VH it's made my day to find your site. Even though i don't own a VH Pacer my daily driver is a stock original VH 770 Regal sedan with 318 & 904 which i consider the next best thing. Going to have to keep an eye out up here in QLD for a pacer now :) Keep up the good work guys.

Chrysler Owners Club of Qld inc
RE: Chrysler Expo 9 March 2003

Hi all your Chrysler owners, don't forget that Chrysler Expo 2003 is on again at the Mt Gravatt Showgrounds Brisbane on the Oct 5, phone on Ted 07 3245 5817 for details Book Early

great piccies 24 February 2003

what you need is more pacer pictures with some naked young ladies on the bonnet

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