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i love em 29 August 2003

i am 15 and love any sort of valiant
i just wish i had the money to bye one my self

woo hoo 16 August 2003

my brother has a charger and a panel van and my boyfriend has a cm regal and my dad has a 1980 corvette. im going to get a pano and a VG hardtop!! i love your site its hell sweet.

rod taylor
chryslers on the murray 3 August 2003

cotm is spotlighting pacer on march 12 13 14 2004. 4 page colour enty form available. contact AWCC PO BOX 818 WODONGA VIC 3690.

Valiants 21 July 2003

Hi Its great to see a site that is not based on chargers for a change.
I own a ffactory built CK chrysler hearse, VJ wagon and a VK ute. Valiants rule.

318 or 360 motor 8 July 2003

hi im after a 318 or 360 motor
& dont know where to start. also
auto trans to suite

pacers 25 June 2003

like the aussie pacers 2dr and 4dr always wanted one have driven the square one 245 slant burnt orange black stripe there ues to be aherap in oz for 500 bucks running mostly 3sp the bathurst ones fetched bigger money for a six visit me at if you want some dodge parts

site 12 June 2003

not bad anything chrysler or dodge or plymouth (you get the picture) is a good thing and always remember a bad day in a mopar is better than a good day in anything else

respect 30 May 2003

Its always good to see that there still is a great following for our favorite aussie muscle cars, keep up the good work

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