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Philip Bingham
Valiant Pacers 2 July 2009

Great site people. So many memories came flooding back to this 59 year old. Back in the 'old' days did my time on Valiants and Hillmans.Owned a 72 VH Pacer for a couple of years. Same period local police patrol cars were VH Pacers,so had great joy road testing after regular service and tuneups.Keep up the good work.

Vh pacer 15 December 2008

Hey all great site, Looking for a vh pacer in good driveable and reasnobly original cond. Pay cash$$$ Any leads would be much appreciated. email to

Tim Boroughs
VH Pacers 9 June 2008

VH Pacers rock! Love those black tombstone bucket seats and that hellzapoppin dash. GROUSE!!

register 13 March 2008

Hi Pacer dudes, great web site! Blew my mind. Having been so pationate about my Hemi for the last 12 years it's good to see there are others out there that feel the way I do. Look forward to seeing my car on your register.


John Brandt
Great website, great memories! 18 January 2008

Just stumbled across this site...great memories of when I was eighteen and owned a Charger and a mate had a VH Pacer. I think I liked his bright orange and black Pacer better than my dull green Charger! If anyone might be interested to swap thier VH Pacer for my restored 1974 Kawasaki H2-750 two-stroke triple, give me a yell...I'm longing to relive my youth behind the wheel of a Valiant!

Jason Blackford
2 More VH pacers identified 30 August 2007

great site guys ,a real credit.Glad to have helped with #748.My old Pacer.Aswell as #1466 which was in 'odd pacer register'.Now id love another pacer of any sort.If anyone wants sell id love to hear from you..thanks

Love the site 1 July 2007

Having owned 2 Valiants, one a CL Wagon and the other a VJ E55 Charger, has made me want to find another for restoration, thanks for the great site keep it up!!!

Ian S Dawe
Missing VG and VH Pacers 4 May 2007

Hi I think this is a great site. Over the years I,ve owned 3 pacers. I VG hard top Blue which my brother bought off me and then he wrote it off up near Wagga. Which I,m still tring to find out if it,s still around or been crushed. Also I owned 2 VH pacers on a mustard yellow I was driving around and a Vit c body for spares. A mate bought them off me because I was out of work and in the recession we had to have. Then he striped them for parts and sent them to the crushers. Sorry for the info wish it were different. I am current looking for a VG hard top again. God I loved that hard top pacer I owned. When street Dragging it in Albury and Wagga in the mid Eighties It would blow away holden and ford V8,s.

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