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Tom Rusher
Web Site 25 November 2017

Awesome job on the Web site - Great Info and good to look around -cheers.

Valiant Pacers 7 July 2014

Great website very informative....

Pacer Genuine ID 14 August 2013

Awesome site. Looking at importing a VH Pacer and the part where it says how to identify a genuine Pacer was invaluable. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Pacer research 20 May 2012

Very informative website. Keep it going please, sites like this are invaluable when it comes time to research info for projects.

merv patterson
site 26 January 2012

great site very imformative even picked up a few things i didnt know!

regrets 7 October 2011

Bought my genuine valiant pacer back when I was 20yrs old in 1990 for $3000NZD. Being young and stupid sold it for $500NZD about four years later not knowing its true worth. Just because I could not be bothered doing any work on it. Last time I saw it, was up on blocks in a backyard rusted right through.Best car I've ever owned.I ashamed to have let that car end up where it has.

Odd pacer rego 24 December 2009

just looking through the odd pacer register and the pacer with rego ROM 143 is the pacer i bought 2 months ago. Bought it of a bloke from sydney who got the car from adelaide 10 years ago. He gave me pics of the car when he got it and the rego was ROM 143. My vh pacers no. is 7S41 1310 thanks.

web site 17 July 2009

Bloody good web site, keep it going as it is good to see that there is more to life than just a R/T chargers!

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